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The Truth About Kefir: Can It Really Help Relieve Constipation?

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If you are like most people, you almost certainly really don’t believe about your poop all that usually. But when you are constipated, it can be all you can consider about!

Constipation can be definitely not comfortable and can even guide to other health difficulties. So what can you do about it?

Some people today turn to above-the-counter prescription drugs, whilst other people check out normal therapies like kefir. Kefir is a fermented milk drink that has been shown to aid minimize constipation. But does it get the job done? And is way too much kefir undesirable for you? Preserve reading through to come across out!

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What is Kefir and wherever does it appear from?

Kefir is a fermented milk consume that originated in the Caucasus Mountains, wherever it is nevertheless common these days. It is produced by adding kefir grains (a mixture of yeast and microbes) to cow, goat, or sheep’s milk. The combination ferments for up to 24 hrs right before becoming strained to take out the grains. Kefir can be observed in a lot of grocery stores and can also be built at home.

What are the positive aspects of ingesting Kefir?

Kefir is prosperous in probiotics, which are the good microbes that live in our intestine and assistance with digestion. These probiotics can also strengthen your immune process and may perhaps even have some anti-inflammatory effects.

Kefir also is made up of protein, calcium, and B natural vitamins. In addition to aiding with constipation, kefir has been proven to support with lactose intolerance and may even have some prospective for managing sure illnesses, this sort of as cancer and allergy symptoms.

Can kefir definitely reduce constipation?

There have been a couple small scientific studies that recommend kefir can assist with constipation, but extra investigate is essential to confirm these conclusions.

One study discovered that kefir-fermented milk was successful at protecting against constipation in men and women with mental and bodily disabilities. In this research, most people today who amplified their ingestion of kefir observed a major reduction in constipation, in contrast to their baseline standing. Some men and women experienced complete relief from their constipation, though other folks did not see any influence.

In a pilot study with 20 adult participants who experienced serious constipation, it was also identified that kefir enhances signs of constipation and stool frequency.

In this analyze, members who drank 500 ml of kefir for every working day for four weeks noticed visible enhancements in stool frequency and consistency. Furthermore, these participants reported higher gratification with their bowel actions and significantly less have to have for laxatives than these who did not drink kefir.

A diverse examine located that kefir was productive in lowering constipation in children. In this research, little ones who drank kefir daily for 7 months experienced appreciably enhanced stool frequency and regularity. The review also observed that the group supplemented with modern-day kefir had a sizeable raise in excess weight and top.

In general, these research propose that kefir might be effective at bettering constipation symptoms, but larger and more comprehensive research are required to validate this.

How does kefir enable with constipation?

Just one of the key mechanisms by which kefir assists with constipation is by means of its probiotic written content. Probiotics support to restore the equilibrium of excellent and undesirable micro organism in your intestine, which can enhance general digestion. Kefir also is made up of vitamins like protein and calcium, both of those of which support to continue to keep the digestive technique performing appropriately.

In addition to its outcomes on constipation, kefir has also been proven to have other health benefits. For instance, it may help to minimize inflammation and improve the immune system.

Consequently, if you put up with from continual constipation or any other digestive well being difficulties, ingesting kefir may be a fantastic selection for you. Nonetheless, constantly communicate with your health care provider in advance of building any alterations to your food plan or lifestyle.

Is far too significantly Kefir undesirable for you?

There is no definitive remedy to this problem, as study on the prospective overall health outcomes of consuming big quantities of kefir is confined. However, there are some considerations that extreme consumption could bring about digestive problems or other side outcomes.

Some men and women who consume too significantly kefir may well encounter bloating, gas, or diarrhea. In addition, consuming large amounts of kefir could even lead to constipation thanks to a bigger ingestion of probiotics which are identified in kefir.

To reduce the potential aspect effects of consuming as well substantially kefir, it is advised to begin with a small total and gradually maximize your usage more than time.

Moreover, you may possibly want to talk to your healthcare supplier about no matter whether kefir is the suitable option for you and how considerably you should consume.

Over-all, moderation is usually important when it will come to consuming any style of foods or beverage, so be positive to hear to your overall body and observe any tips from your health practitioner or nutritionist.

Does drinking water kefir assistance with constipation?

H2o kefir is a fermented beverage that is historically built with water, sugar, and a culture of yeast and bacteria. The fermentation process creates probiotics, which are effective for gut health.

Some men and women imagine that consuming drinking water kefir can aid to relieve constipation. Even though there is no scientific evidence to assist this assert, some folks locate that water kefir will help to strengthen intestine motility and lower bloating.

In addition, the probiotics in h2o kefir may possibly support to lower inflammation in the gut, which can contribute to constipation.

How significantly kefir must you consume to alleviate constipation?

There is no definitive respond to to this problem, as the perfect total of kefir to drink in buy to decrease constipation may well differ relying on an individual’s distinct requirements and indications.

Nonetheless, some standard suggestions advise beginning with 1–2 glasses for each working day and raising your use little by little about time if necessary. Moreover, it is vital to discuss with your healthcare service provider about any unique tips for your unique circumstance.

Eventually, the best way to decide how significantly kefir you need to consume to relieve constipation is by demo and error. A lot of aspects can impact how your physique responds to kefir, this kind of as your recent diet and way of living and irrespective of whether you have any underlying health disorders.

For that reason, it is essential to pay attention to your overall body and get the job done with a health care expert to determine out how much kefir you really should drink to reach optimal digestive health and fitness.


Total, kefir might be helpful at relieving constipation indicators due to its probiotic content material and other vitamins like protein and calcium. Nevertheless, extra investigation is needed to validate this, as very well as to discover the probable well being results of consuming large quantities of kefir.

If you are battling with long-term constipation or any other digestive overall health troubles, it may well be worthy of speaking with your health care service provider about regardless of whether kefir is proper for you.

Furthermore, it is significant to apply moderation and hear to your entire body when consuming any type of meals or beverage in purchase to decrease potential aspect results and realize best digestive well being.​

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